Permission vs. Interruption

I receive very few pieces of permission marketing and many pieces of interruption marketing.  Permission marketing is the market activity whereby you have the permission to deliver relevant messages to customers.   For example, for permission marketing I sign up to receive Sports Illustrated and ESPN the magazine.  I pay to get these magazines because I find them interesting.  This is why these are permission marketing because I want to receive these magazines.  Permission marketing can be offensive at times because the things you are receiving may come too late from when you’re supposed to receive it.

I receive a lot of pieces of interruption marketing, from spam emails to random letters from colleges.  Interruption marketing is any marketing activity the interrupts a viewers attention.  For example I subscribed to a basketball channel on YouTube that shows drills to help you get better, now every day they email me asking to buy their products which I do not want to buy.  I stopped subscribing to them because of that.  Interruption marketing can work at times if you are receiving items that you want to receive and then maybe you’ll buy.  It can be offensive though when a company keeps asking you to buy their products when you don’t want to.


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