Social Media Fail (LOOk at this one)

Since companies, schools. and businesses have joined social media there have been many fails throughout the years.  This past year Florida State tweeted a hashtag #AskJamies.  People could ask the quarterback Jamies Winston, Heisman and National Championship winner quarterback anything they want.  After he won the National championship he was convinced of stealing crab legs and sexually assaulting a women as well.  This was a bad idea by Florida State because he was being highly criticized for what he had done and many people had lost respect for what he had done.  They also had to know people were going to make jokes of what he did and many people did.   For example an account tweeted, “ How many lucky ladies did you give the crabs to?”  This was one of the many making fun of him for stealing the crab legs. Florida State should have done another Q and A with another player instead of Jamies Winston.

This picture is making fun of Winston for stealing the crab legs from a local grocery store.  He did not receive any jail time for doing this crime.  He was constantly being watched over after this had happened.  After the incident he claimed he forgot the crabs were in his pockets.  When the #askJamies was put on twitter he was made fun for doing this

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During Hurricane Sandy, many people’s lives were ruined and many major companies tried helping the people who’s lives were destroyed.  Gap on the other hand had a very insensitive tweet during the hurricane and it was not the smartest thing to tweet.  They tweeted about how people could go shopping at Gap and tweeted a link to go buy stuff that was twenty percent off.  Gap shoudn’t have used Hurricane Sandy as an excuse to go have a sale.  They should have just tweeted something saying they wish the best for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Many people criticized Gap for trying to tie Hurricane Sandy with buying their products.


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