Super Bowl & Social Media

I think Coca-Cola had the best Super Bowl ad that communicated with social media.  The commercial drew my attention right away because it was Coke and they always seem to have interesting Super Bowl commercials.  Many commercials used social media but Coke’s message about bullying and its attention grabbing hashtag was the best in my opinion.  Coke used all the popular social media accounts in their commercial, including Facebook and Twitter.  The commercial was relatable to social media users, because many people get bullied via social media and not many are willing to help those who get bullied.  The commercial was very creative by showing Coke being spilled into the internet and the Coke injecting happiness into people’s social media.  I liked how all the mean comments that were sent to people turned into positive comments and made the people happy.  The hashtag Coke used for the commercial was #MakeItHappy.  I liked the choice of the hashtag because it had a powerful meaning and after the commercial I saw many people tweeting #MakeItHappy.  Overall, the Coca-Cola ad showed that people can help others on social media by just being nice to them and helping them in their time of need.  This positive message will also help Coca-Cola’s sales.


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